Industrial  Solution Provider

New Elemental Tek DSO

Upto 8 Analog or 64 Digital Channels

125 M pt Record Length each channel

altAvante Global Services Pvt Ltd

Indian industry strives to assimilate new technologies from all over the world to build modern India. We have taken that as an opportunity and provide solutions to local businuesses from manufacturers spread all over the world. Our base is spread over a wide spectrum of industries which includes Petrochemical, Power, Transport, Power Electronics, Automation, Oil & Gas, Solar Photovoltiac, Education, R&D, Defence, White Goods Manufacturer, Process, Food & Pharma Industry, Energy Audit, LED industry etc. We distribute Product range from Fluke, GW Instek, Meggar, Tenmars, Morningstar, Stanley Tools.

                      Our Solutions cover following :

1. Testing, Measuring & Maintenance for electrical  & Instrumentation

2 Electronics Manufacturing Services

3. Mechanical Hand Tools

4. Solar Photovoltiac BOS

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